Caught, a rare bird!

Sunshinegun is an inspirational brand design and communication studio, based in sunny South Africa. From here we deliver illuminating work for our clients in South Africa, throughout Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Canada, USA and UK.

Founded in 2010 our purpose is to help create beautiful moments for brands and their customers.

In 2012, Sunshinegun pitched and won the Nando’s design business. A significant moment for the team of original Nando’s superfans! Three years later, Sunshinegun were appointed by the Nando’s Group Office in London to develop the new Global Visual Identity System. This work was awarded a Grand Prix at the Loeries 2016.

The new Visual Identity System is built on three design principles: 1. Simplify, 2. Creative collisions, and 3. The real Southern African Nando’s story.

It is in this ‘story telling’ territory where the identity system found its expression. The new look is the result of a collection of stories. From the story of the humble Marks Salimu, a sign painter, who hand painted the 700 unique font characters (English and Arabic) that were eventually digitised and are now used to speak Nando’s in 23 countries around the world. To the unique PERi-Red colour precisely matched to a bucket of sun ripened African Bird’s Eye Chillies from the Nando’s farm in Mozambique.

The Nando’s Visual identity was crafted with heart, and we are immensely proud of the recognition that the entry received at the Loeries 2016. The Grand Prix for Identity Design is a wonderful celebration of Southern African design and culture. For us, it is also an important nod to real design work that works hard for the brand, on a global stage.

The Sunshinegun studio is a delightfully sunny and bright space filled with 30 inspired and talented individuals. Our London office started was opened in April 2016, we export golden sunshine on a daily basis to our clients there.

And what’s the story behind the name Sunshinegun? … ah this story is best told over a cup of coffee – at Sunshinegun.

About Sunshinegun