There’s nothing quite as good as an ice-cream on a lazy, Sunday afternoon in the summer sun – especially if it’s Paul’s Homemade ice-cream!

For Ads24’s Sundays activation we called on the team from Paul’s to create some uniquely South African flavours to bring their Sunday publications to life:

  • Son op Sondag – a delicate balance of Rooibos, honey and vanilla with glazed koeksister chunks
  • City Press – a spicy mix of dark chocolate and chilli
  • Rapport – cinnamon and milk tart
  • Sunday Sun – jelly and custard

Of course, there were plenty of delicious toppings to add to your sundae as well before you smiled and posed for a Sundae Selfie. The best selfies of the day won an incredible Sunday gift hamper.

It wasn’t all sunshine and sundaes though, we introduced media agencies to Ads24 publications, offers and added digital and print platforms.

Ads24 Sundays
Ads24 Sundays Sundae
Ads24 Sundaes
Ads24 Ice Cream

Afterwards, we invited our guests to go online and find out which Ads24 Sunday Sundae was meant for them by doing a short, fun quiz. All they had to do was share it on social media and tag Ads24 for a chance to win a 4-night getaway to the Wilderness.

Lesson learned: You can never have too much ice-cream!

PS: Have a look at some of the PR from the event on bizcommunity.