When it came to developing a new visual identity for one of South Africa’s most loved sunscreens, who better to do than the crowd dedicated to sunshine?

We wanted South Africans to see it on shelf and know it was designed inside and out to match their lifestyle in the sun.

We started at the beginning with a semiotics study on the market and the major players. What we found out was that Everysun fitted neatly into a mainstream, family holiday segment.

We needed to highlight the smart science behind it as well as how well it works, for everyone from water babies to sports fanatics and beyond.

We developed user-friendly bottle shapes to a define a new route in the packaging that fit into consumer’s lives and hands.

We created a colour palette that was bright and modern, evoking the feel of sunshine on the skin, blue water and fun times.

We wanted to reenergise the brand, making it contemporary by using minimalist design that said a lot without being too much.

By making the design simpler, we made sure that the eye fell on the important details without getting sidetracked.

It was important that we educated people on the importance of sunscreen, not just on weekends on the beach or at the pool, but as part of their everyday routine.

We used the Everysun icon as the basis for all our designs and layouts, bringing in stripped down iconography that highlighted all the places and times, sunscreen is a necessity. It was a clean way of communicating usage without being too prescriptive.

The broad range of products needed to fit together as a family, but differentiate themselves enough to make it clear whether the product is for family, children or sports people.

To do this, we designed a system of iconography. We made the sports design slightly more masculine cues and the anti-aging crème with higher cosmetic tones.

All in all we created a visual identity that stands out and modernises the brand for a bright future.