Race horse name generator

Once upon a time… in a land not so far from here (in the kingdom of Fourways)…there was a little Design and Communication company called Sunshinegun – a motley crew of talented, curious and passionate people.

Like all good stories, ours started in the eye of a storm – after all what do you do when you’ve been trading for three months and still don’t have a name for your business?

We wanted something different, something fun, something about being brilliant and happy – a name that was a winner. Something that spoke about an outlier defeating all the odds to take home the gold.

Time was running out, so we did what had to be done. We let fate have a hand in our destiny – we visited horsenamegenerator.com.

We clicked go, only once, and there it was: SUNSHINEGUN!

We loved it.

It’s unusual and memorable.

It spoke to our oppositeness and collision of creativity and focus.

It’s a paradigm. An oxymoron.

Big and small at the same time.

For our clients it says:

“These guys make a whole lot of light, quickly to help my brand grow.”

For our team it says:

“We’re a happy, creative, different and brilliant place to work.”

And the power of storytelling means that you’ll remember us as…those guys who named their agency after a racehorse!